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About Us – How we came to be

Co-owners Dave and Marc met many years ago when Marc enlisted Dave’s help with the custom body work on his 1951 Chevy Fleetline. A working relationship quickly turned into a good friendship and every time Marc would acquire another car, Dave was there to help.

After the untimely passing of Ronny Haylock, Dave’s former boss, friend, and owner of Ronny’s Marine of Havelock, Dave was at a loss about what to do next. One Saturday while sanding a hood, Marc turned to Dave and said, “Ever think of opening your own shop?

The answer was a quick “NO.

As the sanding continued, Dave turned back to Marc and said, “Are you joking or were you serious?

As it turns out, it was no joke and Dav-Mar Marine & Auto Ltd. soon became a reality. With Dave looking after the shop operations and Marc running the business operations they have a good fit. Marc comes from the transportation industry, and has run his own business for over 25 years. He’ll continue to do that and now runs Dav-Mar Marine & Auto Ltd. as well.

Dave Montgomery

If your are a boat or auto enthusiast, you may recognize Dave Montgomery, a familiar face at Ronny’s Marine in Havelock for the past 17 years.

Now Dave has his own fiberglass shop in Hastings called Dav-Mar Marine & Auto Ltd. He still specializes in custom fibreglass manufacturing and repair, but we can handle almost anything that involves fiberglass, so let us know what you need.